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Gluten-free (nut free) Waffles! 

There’s nothing I love more for breakfast than a good waffle (or pancake, or croissant, or cinnamon crunch bagel or any other yummy carb loaded piece of heaven)!  I am not strictly gluten-free, but I do try and limit my wheat intake.  I was determined to create a gluten-free Belgian waffle that the whole family […]

Food Recipes

Healthy Pumpkin Oat Cookies

I have been working on decreasing the amount of sugar our family consumes, but sometimes you just need something to satisfy that sweet tooth!  I came across a recipe over a month ago for pumpkin oat cookies and have been tweaking it ever since.  Yes, I have made these cookies more than a couple times […]

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Meal Planning – Revamped

I am ready to admit that the traditional meal planning has not been working for us.  We do well making a list of meals for the week and shopping for the items we need.  That’s not a problem.  Actually, we’re pretty good at that part.  The problem is that we only eat about half of […]

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Black Bean Burgers

I love burgers, like most people, and would eat them a few times a week if I could.  But let’s be honest, I can’t.  Or I shouldn’t. Black bean burgers are a good substitute for me because I can still load them up with all of my favorite burger toppings!  And they’re yummy and healthy! […]

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Yummy Greek Yogurt

Oh my goodness!  To say that I have been on a greek yogurt kick is a bit of an understatement!  I look forward to eating this snack everyday (as in have a party in my head when 2:30pm rolls around at work).  I would probably eat it a few times a day, but I’m trying […]

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Meal Plan Monday

My meal planning for the past two months has been pitiful.  Downright.  A goal for this year was to get back on track with planning our dinners, and finally got it together for this week.  For us, meals need to be quick, healthy and able to be made in larger quantities.  We are only a […]

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Mushroom and white bean soup

This is one of my favorite soup recipes right now.  It’s starting to feel like winter around here (sometimes) and I am really getting into making soups.  I originally found the recipe for this soup on the blog, She Wears Many Hats and made a few changes: 24 oz. mushrooms, halved or quartered 2 large sweet […]