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Gluten-free (nut free) Waffles! 

There’s nothing I love more for breakfast than a good waffle (or pancake, or croissant, or cinnamon crunch bagel or any other yummy carb loaded piece of heaven)!  I am not strictly gluten-free, but I do try and limit my wheat intake.  I was determined to create a gluten-free Belgian waffle that the whole family […]

Food Recipes

Healthy Pumpkin Oat Cookies

I have been working on decreasing the amount of sugar our family consumes, but sometimes you just need something to satisfy that sweet tooth!  I came across a recipe over a month ago for pumpkin oat cookies and have been tweaking it ever since.  Yes, I have made these cookies more than a couple times […]


Gluten-free Pancake Recipe

Since going wheat-free about two months ago, I’ve been working on a pancake recipe that the whole family would enjoy.  I knew I wanted a recipe that did not involve a pre-made mix.  My first attempts were too dry or too “gritty.”  I made a few changes and combined a few recipes to come up […]