2018 Family Financial Goals

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There were some big changes in our household regarding money last year, and we are carrying those over into 2018.  Our goal is to eliminate all consumer debt in 2019 (and pay off our house, but that is much later!).  We have come up with some family financial goals for 2018 and I’m sharing them here so we can stay accountable.  I plan to update our progress on these goals at the end of every month.



1. Pay off HELOC that we used for bathroom remodel.

2. Pay cash for beach trip in May.

3. Buy new tires for car #1.

4. Pay cash for Florida trip to visit family.

5. Pay off car #1.

Share your financial goals and successes!  What are you working toward financially?  I would love to hear about your progress toward your financial goals.  Feel free to link to your blog below, or just update in comments if you do not have a blog.

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