May Goals

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April was quite a ride!  We had a lot of vacation expenses due all at once – airfare, October vacation condo payment and the final payment for our May vacation.  (Note: we did not go into debt for either of these condo rentals – the payments are made in installments per the lease agreement through the rental agency/homeowner, not because we set up a payment plan).  That meant much money did not go to paying down debt, but we are mostly back on track for May.  Here are our May goals:

1. Cashflow spending money for May beach vacation

2. Pay off HELOC – actually paid this off in April, but final payment did not hit until May

3. Start paying extra on car #1 – hoping to throw an extra $550 at this

4. Stick to dining out budget – we consistently go over in this area

5. Pay medical bills – we have a few bills that should be coming in this month.  I’ve been watching our EOBs and hope we can cash flow all of these.

I love seeing everyone’s goals for the month.  Not only does it motivate me, but it shows me what areas we can improve in.  Keep up the good word everyone!


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