Money Tip Tuesday

It’s that time again.  Time for another money saving budget tip!  I know many people loathe meal planning and grocery shopping, but I love it.  Today’s tip relates to the meal planning part of feeding your family:

Shop in your pantry before grocery shopping.
The first thing I do before starting my meal plan is look through the pantry, refrigerator and freezer and write down all the staples we have.  These are things like: a box of pasta, frozen chicken breasts, a bag of brussel sprouts.  If I can make a meal out of what I have on hand, great!  If not, I start planning “half meals” and fill in with items I need to get at the store.  So, I may find that I have rice and green beans in the house.  I could then add shrimp or chicken to my shopping list to complete the meal.

This system really helps us save money on groceries during the week!  I know that I have gone grocery shopping before checking the pantry only to find out that I bought another five pound bag of jasmine rice.  It gets quite annoying buying food that we already have in the house!

Do you shop in the pantry before going to the store?  Do you feel that it saves you money?  Please share thoughts below.

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