Financial Check – In: April

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I’m going to try and update our progress toward debt payoff and our 2018 financial goals at the end of every month.  I think this will help keep us accountable and give us even more motivation to get things paid off.  I would love to hear how others are progressing in their debt free journeys too!

This month we paid off our HELOC!  We are officially down to three debts: two car loans and my husband’s student loans.  I was so glad to see the HELOC go as it has an adjustable APR and it just seemed to keep rising and rising (thankfully the balance wasn’t too high).  We also cash flowed our May vacation this month and I am ready to unplug and relax on the beach!

Here is the debt breakdown so far this year:



Paid off 22.97% of our debt since starting in January 2018.

Paid off 5.1% of our debt in April 2018.




2018 Goals Update

1. Pay off HELOC that we used for bathroom remodel.– Done! Last payment  made this month.

2. Pay cash for beach trip in May. – Done! Condo paid for and spending money set aside.

3. Buy new tires for car #1. – scheduled for June

4. Pay cash for Florida trip to visit family. – flights paid; down payment on condo made (does not take one lump sum)

5. Pay off car #1.


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