Money Tip Tuesday

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Today’s tip requires a little bit of planning before you head out the door – something that can be tricky to do in our busy, always on the go lifestyles.  But by implementing this tip you could save hundreds over a year’s time!

Never leave the house without a snack and a drink.

Seems simple enough right?  But think about how many times you are out and about running errands and you get hungry or thirsty.  Or more realistically, your child gets hungry 20 minutes into your trip.  Many people would stop at a convenience store or pass through the drive through without a second thought.  A simple snack and drink can cost $3-5 for just one person.  If you do that three times a week, you just spent $12-15 dollars!  That’s up to $60 dollars a month!  Or over $600 a year!  Let that sink in a little bit.

I have started making sure that I leave the house with a drink and a snack for myself and for my son.  To save on time, I make it really simple.  The snack is usually an apple or granola bar.  Nothing fancy, but gets the job done.  For drinks we just fill up our water bottles.  Try it out for a few weeks and you might find that it becomes habit for you too!

What are your go to snacks for when you’re on the go?

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