Money Tip Tuesday

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Time for another tip. This tip not only helps us save money, but it is also a more “earth friendly” habit we have formed.

Ditch the paper products.

Skip the paper plates, paper napkins and paper towels. The easy swap is to use your actual dishes instead of paper plates. Try investing in cloth napkins to replace your paper ones. Then, ditch the paper towels and use some simple wash rags.
We’ve always been pretty good about skipping the paper plates, but we went to cloth napkins and replacing the paper towels about eight years ago. There is a drawer in our kitchen dedicated to just our cloth napkins and cleaning wash cloths. We pull them out as we need them, then have a bin in the laundry room for them when we are finished. We wash them once a week and put them back in the drawer (don’t bother folding them because you go through them so fast!).
This has helped lower our grocery bill as we rarely spend money on paper products. We also feel good about less paper products going into landfills. Occasionally, we buy a pack of earth friendly paper towels to keep on hand. We sometimes also use paper products for birthday parties or cookouts.

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