Financial Check-In: May

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I’m going to try and update our progress toward debt payoff and our 2018 financial goals at the end of every month.  I think this will help keep us accountable and give us even more motivation to get things paid off.  I would love to hear how others are progressing in their debt free journeys too!

This month we went on vacation and came in UNDER BUDGET!  Yay!  I was hoping to stay on budget, but never imagined we would beat it by over $100!  Now, we ended up using some of that money to pay for an electrical emergency when we arrived home (see last post).  I was able to pay a little over $400 to our car loan.

Here is the debt breakdown so far this year:


Paid off 27.59% of our debt since starting in January 2018.

Paid off 4.63% of our debt in May 2018.




2018 Goals Update

1. Pay off HELOC that we used for bathroom remodel.– Done!

2. Pay cash for beach trip in May. – Done! And under budget!

3. Buy new tires for car #1. – was scheduled for June, now thinking July

4. Pay cash for Florida trip to visit family. – flights paid; down payment on condo made (does not take one lump sum).  Booking rental car in June

5. Pay off car #1. – in progress

How is everyone else doing on their goals? What successes did you have in May? What are you planning for June?

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